Sustainability project of the year

The Sustainability Project of the Year Award acknowledges pioneering initiatives that have made
substantial strides in promoting environmental sustainability, social responsibility and eco-friendly innovation.

Assessment Criteria:

Judges will evaluate submissions based on:

  1. Impact & Effectiveness: Tangible positive outcomes, such as reduction in carbon footprint, waste management efficiency, or community betterment.
  2. Innovation: Introduction of novel methods, technologies, or practices to address sustainability challenges.
  3. Scalability & Replicability: Potential for the project’s methods or achievements to be scaled up or replicated in different settings or sectors.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: Inclusion and active participation of various stakeholders, including the community, partners and beneficiaries.
  5. Presentation: A coherent, structured, and persuasive representation of the project’s journey and outcomes.
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