About Confectionery aWARDS

Introducing the International Confectionery Awards: an awards show that upholds, recognises and celebrates the achievements of those working at the forefront of the confectionery industry. Proudly presented working collaboratively with the must-attend virtual confectionery event Confectionery Live, this event is building on the achievements of a virtual platform that has welcomed 1000 attendees representing 83 countries in 2023.

These awards are more than just a ceremony; they are a commitment. At International Confectionery we champion innovators and thought leaders who are blazing their own path. Building on the success of our two virtual Confectionery Live events and the number one market leader in confectionery B2B publishing, our mission goes beyond just reporting. We are dedicated to fostering growth, encouraging creativity and setting benchmarks for the future of the industry.

This is not just about celebrating the best of today but envisioning a brighter, sweeter future for all.

Mark your calendar! Finalists will be notified in early January 2024 and the grand announcement of our finalists will take place at our next Confectionery Live event, returning to your screens on 21-22 February 2024. 

Showcase Your Excellence in Confectionery

We recognise the expertise in the world of confectionery and are dedicated to acknowledging the companies, organisations, teams, individuals and products that are setting new standards for excellence. Whether you produce premium confectionery products that you believe are deserving of recognition, or have led an innovative marketing campaign, our categories are there to serve you; highlighting the best in the industry.

Wherever you’re crafting your confectionery masterpieces, we invite you to share them with us. Submissions are welcomed from companies worldwide.

Entry Deadline Make sure you’re part of this global recognition. Mark your calendar and submit your entries by 2nd February 2024.

Submit your entry today

THE judges

The International Confectionery Awards stand as a testament to the rigorous standards and exemplary craftsmanship in the confectionery industry. Our panel of international judges at these awards are not just selected; they are chosen thanks to their knowledge, expertise and commitment to the industry.

Representing all areas of the industry, our judges contain knowledge on artisanal chocolate, candy production, the latest data and consumer insights, and more. All judges are members in their respected fields who will offer invaluable guidance to submissions, ensuring the upholding of industry standards.

The judges’ role at the International Confectionery Awards will uphold integrity and maintain excellence. They will be responsible for judging submissions and entries and hand selecting those that meet our varied criteria, putting together shortlisted entries.


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